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What happens when you combine a passion for fitness with a love of franchising? Extraordinary, that’s what.

We’re a team of seasoned franchise veterans with over 100 years of experience building some of the most successful franchise brands in hospitality, home services, restaurants, and other industries. We combine a passion for service, fitness, and franchising to provide one-of-a-kind, life-changing opportunities in the booming boutique fitness franchise industry.

Extending our proven track-record of delivering industry-leading growth through strategic acquisitions and organic startups, we’ve taken a unique path to quickly becoming a leader in boutique fitness franchising. With turnkey opportunities now available all across North America, we’re on a mission to help aspiring business owners experience extraordinary in their lives so they can share extraordinary in their communities.


Extraordinary Brands has the support, resources, and execution plan to help our franchise partners achieve their dreams.


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Exploring the Distinctions: Fitness vs. Boutique Fitness The dynamic landscape...

Our Team

Our Team


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