Ways to Adjust Mindset

Five Simple Ways to Adjust Your Mindset & Fitness Routine

With Spring and Summer quickly approaching, physical fitness is becoming a main topic of conversation among our peers. The temperatures are rising and the sun is shining, which means the excitement surrounding the outdoors is ever-increasing. Although the thought of warmer weather brings serotonin for many, there are also rising anxieties around working out and needing to be fit for the changing seasons.

Here are five simple yet effective ways to adjust your mindset around your physical fitness routine to include more self-love.

1. Create a Positive Exercise Space

Create a relaxing and comfortable space specifically dedicated to exercise and meditation. Find a corner in your home where there is good ventilation and light (picking a spot near a window is a great idea), and make sure you remove any furniture or storage material from it. Now, place a yoga mat, some dumbbells, a few resistance bands, and even a couple of plants in the corner. If you want to take your space a step further, you can put up some posters of motivational quotes for your mini-happy gym.

2. Ask a Friend to Challenge You

Sometimes we need some additional support on top of self-motivation. Find a friend who wants to make a similar commitment to improving their relationship with fitness and talk to them about it. Fix a time that suits you both and share your struggle regarding your health and fitness. Openly communicating your fears and hopes with a person who is going through similar things will help you connect on a deeper level. Encourage each other as you perform exercises and meditative practices together.

3. Dance Your Stress Away

Everyone has a preference for the type of physical activity they perform. If you don’t enjoy a specific type of workout, then find one you like to do! It is a lot easier to build exercise into your routine when you enjoy what you’re doing. For example, think about trying different dance routines. It is especially helpful for people who face a lot of stress on a daily basis. It is a fun activity where not only you’re able to burn excess fat from your body but also clear your head. Take about 20 minutes for yourself daily, lock your bedroom, play some uplifting music, and dance it away!

4. Use Stairs Whenever You Can

Another way to incorporate more movement into your daily routine is using stairs over escalators and lifts whenever you are at work. Your lung capacity will improve, your heart rate will settle, and you will have more stamina as you climb – you’ll also feel better about giving your body more chances to move throughout the day. If you’re someone who wants to challenge yourself even further, do forward lunges on the stairs to help strengthen your leg muscles and make your core even stronger. Doing it regularly will enhance your stamina as well.

5. Exercise While You Work

One of the best ways of exercising is doing it while you work. Yes! That can be possible too. Simply sit in your chair and put a resistance band around your legs – pull away the band for some time till you feel your muscles getting activated. A slight burn or cramp at the start is a common indication that the stretch you are doing is working well on your muscles. Those people who have long-sitting jobs will find this quite useful and get your body moving.

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